Former multi season champions Manchester United is

The Teams To Root For In 2015

The 2014 15 European football season is almost already at its close and the second half will be another period to gauge the teams and see who among them will emerge at the top of the ladder, consequently becoming online live sports betting favorites. While the first half of the season has seen several teams emerge and dwindle, the remainder of the term could either be an extension of the accomplishments of the first or be a totally different story. Regardless, betting on the most consistent not necessarily the frontrunners teams is the safest option to move bettors’ bankroll.

In La Liga, Real Madrid remains to be the best team to bet on. The side has so far been dominating the race in the past few weeks are expected to remain so until the end of the season. In addition, their star player Cristiano Ronaldo is also the tournament’s best scorer, thus far. Atletico Madrid is also doing very well in the competition and the vision of them retaining the Spanish title is not impossible either.

## ## At the Premier League, Chelsea is having one of their best seasons ever. The clubs fights neck and neck with defending champions Manchester City who are currently tied with them in both total points and goal difference. Former multi season champions Manchester United is also recovering fast from their disaster last season. However, they need to exert so much more effort to overtake the two sides above them.

German club Bayern Munich remains to be the only club in Bundesliga to not completely succumb to their rivals. The defending winners are still likely to dominate this season over, citing its total score, goal difference, unbeaten record, and overall consistency to be the best in the league. Last season’s runners up, Borussia Dortmund, meanwhile, are struggling to re establish a good form and are actually under serious threat of exiting the tournament by the end of the season. In their stead is Vfl Wolfsburg who has been very impressive this term.

Across Europe, specifically in the Champions League, predicting the overall champions is still a blur as the Group Stage has just finished. However, early favorites include the aforesaid domestic league leaders (Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Bayern Munich) as well as Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Porto, and Monaco who were leaders in their respective groups.

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